About Us

Background of the Company
     Precision Clinical Labratory was established in 2015 in United States of America with a team of Ethio-Americans based in Colorado. PCL provide with fast 24/7 service including a 4 Hour RT-PCR Test for travelers and exposures. our service is well comptente and world class and is accepted by Ethiopian Air lines and others international Airways. we have a partnership license with the Ethiopian Public Health inistitute and other governmental Health organizations. 
We Provide 
A rapid RT-PCR Test for travllers with in 4, 12 and 24 Hours range. with a detaile oreinted result report including QR Code. our result is approved by ethiopian airlines and all other international Airways.We Diagnosis with compassion.
Precision clinical Laboratory Organizational values
On Time
We mainly focus on 
serving our customers to 
provide a service
a well organized and automated laboratory provide a tech guided results for customers. 
A team of highly skilled employees, work as a team to make a dream work come true
We are Open and hones in communicating our customers.
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